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Welcome to E-Learning Bio is promoted by R.V.Raghavendra Rao, PGT BIology, JNV Vizianagaram to provide 360º new age education solutions to school students. In a short period from its launch in 2013, and gained extreme popularity and are used by prestigious institutions and students all across India and world. This establishes Technology Enabled Classrooms in schools which use especially developed digital content while imparting education in the class rooms.

The Pedagogy followed at elearningbio aims to provide an engaging, child-centric, teaching-learning environment focused on over all development of the child. It also establishes virtual labs and assessment centers. School Study Programme initiated by elearningbio has more than one million learners using the company's product actively.

The After School Study Programme of elearningbio is used by about 7,00,000 lakh students. These services are offered through internet, which enable students to study anywhere-any time. Extramarks has also created a community of Students, Teachers and Parents which has become very popular with the internet users in a short period. is a online learning site, seeks to enhance and broaden the learning experience by providing high quality curriculum based learning and teaching resources to Schools, Students,and Teachers. It provides students play a pivotal role in helping a student succeed in today’s knowledge oriented world. Biology offers educational support in an interactive way, providing them the new dimension in their learning and teaching experience.  this site provides a rich learning experience and online  virtual room. 

features of this site

  • Complete e-learning tutorials on k-9 to k-12 based on CBSE

  • Virtual Class

  • Raghu's Biology E-course (Moodle)

  • Virtual Labs

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  • the materials provided here are reusable learning materials they are free and can be downloadable.

  • career opportunities after K-12

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and rendering various other related services to the filed of education.

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