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   Importance of eLearning in education system
There are hundreds of eLearning courses that are available for you to choose from, but, how effective are these online courses? Let’s find out.
          eLearning Education System With globalization arises the need for new dynamics in our education system; this has triggered a major growth in popularity of the eLearning concepts. People from all over the world are taking part in this change over and sure enough, the credibility and acceptability of these types of qualification are drastically increased. Also, with certain top universities taking it upon themselves to offer their students more opportunities in distance learning degree through elearning courses. Now, let’s have a look at what online education has to offer its students. Advantages of eLearning • As learning through the e-system is self paced, this gives the students an opportunity to study at their own pace; that is: slow down or speed up as per their individual needs. This allows everyone to benefit from the education offered. • Student can opt to use the tools and contents as per their interest, with respect to their independent needs, skills, etc. • The eLearning programs offer utmost comfort to the students, as they are geared to adapt to the various learning styles of the students. This amplifies individual’s ability to learn more effectively and for the teachers to be more efficient in their teaching. • All the barriers through states and countries are eliminated, and any student can opt to study any range of courses irrespective of their location on the globe. • These college courses online are offered for 24/7, which means that learning happens at the convenience of the learners, without restrictions to timings. Many of these courses are designed to take advantage of this kind of collaboration, so people with limited spare time can benefit from these e-learning solutions greatly. • Additional costs that students usually tend to pay due to travel, residence, food, etc when opting for regular education are all avoided or reduced through online learning courses. • The lower cost of online learning helps boost the corporates and other organizations to empower its employees with certification courses that will aid in the further development of the company as well as the individuals. • The various features available in the eLearning courses enable for the students to have unrestricted interaction with the trainers as well as with other students for experiencing conventional classroom atmosphere. This set the right blend of tradition with modern to ultimately make education more fun and much easier to infuse with. • Passively, the students also attain better understanding of computers and the internet, by learning through online training courses. • Though online degree courses are practically new in comparison with the traditional university courses, they still offer exceptional refinement drawn from experience on both fronts. • With distance learning courses you get to choose from topics that you like and enjoy, and learn them the way you prefer; this way you get to retain the concepts and content of your learning much better and for much greater lengths. This is so much better in these terms when in comparison with usual methods of learning. • There are certain features of e learning training courses that aren’t available in conventional methods of learning in a college or university. These include tools that are designed to provide connection between students from different parts of the world in a single educational atmosphere. • The flexibility in using the distance learning college is tremendous; being student centric the features and options given to the students are designed to offer them with the best customizability and preferences. This includes choices to use either the self-lead or instructor-lead options of the e-learning education system. • Also, as being part of the learning management system the student are able to schedule their own course of study, skip or add topics that they already know, or would like to know about in much further detail. • The system is portable, allowing the students to unbind themselves from the need to be physically present at the location of training. Being available online, the course can be either downloaded or accessed directly by the students at given anytime. Given all the advantages and features of learning through online courses, depending on your budget, your interest, your skills and your previous qualification you can choose for hundreds of courses that are available - from arts to medical courses. Read More...
   How to Make Posts Sticky in WordPress, Kidblog, and Edublogs
Posts Sticky
          When you're using blogs in your classroom there may be some posts that you want to keep at the top of the page rather than letting them get pushed down by new entries. For example, if you're students are contributing to a group blog, you might want to keep the instructions post pinned to the top of the list of posts. Or you might want to keep a reminder about an upcoming due date posted at the top of the page. These kinds of posts are called "sticky" posts and they're easy to create on, Kidblog, Edublogs, or any other blog running on the software.
   Why do snakes flicer their tongues?
Flickering of Tongue
          It has long been thought that snakes flick their tongues in order to “smell” their environments. However, is this the only reason for the seemingly-constant snake tonguing? To see what else snakes might be up to with all that lingual action, these biologists recorded snake tongues with four high-speed video cameras and reconstructed a 3D model of the tongue in motion. This detailed investigation revealed that the snakes actually perform two types of tongue flick: one for smelling things in the air, and another that seems optimized for tasting objects on the ground.
   DNA-Swap Technology Almost Ready for Fertility Clinic
DNA Swap
          Mitochondrial transfer technology to shuffle genetic material between unfertilized eggs could help reduce the risk of childhood diseases. Researchers say that technology to shuffle genetic material between unfertilized eggs is ready to make healthy babies. The technique could allow parents to minimize the risk of a range of diseases related to defects in the energy-producing cell organelles known as mitochondria.
   Telepathwords Preventing weak passwords by reading your mind
          Telepathwords from Microsoft Research is a simple site designed to show you the strength or weakness of your passwords. As you type a password (either one you actually use or one you're thinking of using) into Telepathwords it tries to predict the next character that you will type. Telepathwords shows you the three most common characters that follow that character you typed. When you're done typing you'll see green check marks and red "Xs" above your password's characters. Green means that character is easy to predict and red means it is not easy to predict. click to enlarge Applications for Education Telepathwords could be a good resource to use with students of all ages when you're trying to illustrate the qualities that go into a strong password. The following videos offer some good advice about crafting passwords. Consider having your students watch these before testing they knowledge of password creation on Telepathwords.
   Data File Handling in C++
Very Important for CBSE 12th Class Students
          So far, we have been using the iostream standard library, which provides cin and cout methods for reading from standard input and writing to standard output respectively. This DFH will teach you how to read and write from a file.
   Speed Up Your Pen Drive
How to Speed Up Your Pen Drive for Faster Transfer Rate?
          Please Download the file..
   Cancers Deadly Darwinian Imperative
Cancer is a disease of information, in which a cell becomes reprogrammed into a precision killing machine
          Cancer is a disease of information, in which a cell becomes reprogrammed into a precision killing machine. In the consensus that has emerged from decades of research, this transformation is the result of approximately half a dozen genetic mutations — changes that accumulate over the years to a cell’s DNA. For us humans these are deadly defects. But from the point of view of the cancer cell, each change is a beneficial adaptation. In a sped-up version of Darwinian evolution, the cells become fitter and fitter in their ability to compete and thrive inside the ecosystem of the body.
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